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February 16, 2009
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Nighttime. School wasn’t really lonely at night, since there were always the other electronics around to talk to, but they were all asleep. Only Lampy stayed up. He had a job to do, after all, and he wasn’t going to shirk it.

His light still on, Lampy gazed down at the cluster of white eggs confined in the tank. They seemed to reflect his light back at him. From the teacher, the orange lamp knew that these eggs had to be constantly warmed so they could hatch and little yellow baby birds came out. Usually, it was the mother who sat on them and gave warmth, but in a classroom setting, that was his job. To warm with his light.

He didn’t turn his stare away from the eggs. Not at all. Not when the door creaked, not when the tree banged against the window, not when the fan in the corner coughed loudly before finding a more comfortable standing position. This was life he was taking care of! He couldn’t afford to avert his glow one second!

Lampy’s bulb burned out.

He screamed loudly in panic for a while until a pencil sharpener told him to shut up. Okay, okay, relax. There’re a bunch of extra bulbs here. The eggs didn’t need warmth constantly, he would just pop into the cabinet and come back with a brand new bulb.

And so he did. The lamp unplugged himself, jumped off the edge of the tank and off the table. He jumped his way to the cabinet and easily wrapped his cord around the handle to pull. The bulbs were at the top shelf, presumably because she didn’t want the children getting at them. But no, it wouldn’t take long, he could climb quickly, he was experienced at this, wasn’t he?

Up he climbed, up and up and up. It was exhausting, but he couldn’t stop. So he kept climbing until finally he climbed up besides the small box marked ‘Bulbs.’

Somehow, he got a horrible vibe from it. He felt something amiss and felt that, as soon as he looked in the box, something bad would happen, like in those horror movies the teacher sometimes watched. But what was he supposed to do? Just stand around while the chicks slowly died? Lampy determinedly stuck his head in the box.

Nothing horrible happened. But there was indeed something rather horrible. There was only one bulb left.

One bulb. Meaning he had to take his time getting down so he wouldn’t break it so the eggs would get his motherly glow. But he couldn’t waste time like that!

He heard his name being called. Lampy… It sounded like the eggs were calling him.

“Just, just hold on a second!” Lampy grabbed the bulb tightly with his cord and jumped off without hesitation. Success! The bulb was undamaged. He quickly spat out the old one while climbing back up the table and screwed in the new one just as he hopped back onto the tank so he could shine his light once again on the eggs.

But this bulb was burned out too! He looked at the eggs. They looked dull, devoid of life.


“Wait! Just wait!” Lampy spat out this useless bulb, mind racing about what to do. He let his gaze fall all over the classroom and then…of course, he thought, seeing the other lights on the ceiling. “Hey!” he called up. “Hey! Hey! Help me down here! I need a new bulb!”

The ceiling lamps roused themselves aggravatingly slowly. “New bulb?” they asked stupidly.

“Yeah, I need one! Something that’ll shine real bright!”

The lights exchanged glances and stared back down at Lampy. Then they opened up their protective covering to show absolutely nothing. “No bulbs,” they said over and over, cackling wildly. They suddenly grew arms. “No bulbs! No bulbs!” They reached out to grab the lamp, as if ready to strangle him or to drag him up to the ceiling to join them.

Lampy let his mouth drop open in fear, and he backed up, but he forgot that he was standing on the edge of the tank, so he fell in. He fell for a long time, though the tank wasn’t even that big, all the while hearing the jeering “No bulbs!” and the pleading Lampy…

He couldn’t answer to any of these. He was screaming too much. And finally, he landed rather hard on the bottom of the tank. Though the bottom had been covered in soft grass-like stuff, Lampy’s head resounded loudly when it hit the floor.

The eggs were nearby. He could see that the birds inside were dead. The eggs weren’t firm anymore. They looked fragile and they were a sickly yellow and they smelled.

Lampy had no idea what to do. He had no bulb and obviously it was too late. The eggs melted away, turned into an ugly yellow gloop on the bottom. They revealed the blackened remains of the unborn chicks. Their beaks were open, as if gasping for air they could never breathe.

Lampy backed away until his back felt the glass wall. Though their eyes were shut and would be shut forever more, he couldn’t help but think they were following him.

Where’s our bread… they moaned, though their beaks didn’t move. Only, they said it all at once so it instead was a confused jumble of words that echoed in the lamp’s head again and again.

The unborn, mummy-like chicks turned their heads to him, beaks still agape. Lampy tried, but couldn’t back up anymore, so he tried shutting his eyes, but he could still see them, somehow. Where’s our food…

And they lurched up on their underdeveloped feet. Some fell back down. For a few, the legs snapped off. They advanced towards him nevertheless. The feet also followed. Lampy tried to run past them. Where’s our warmth…

One of them tried to grab him as he jumped passed, but the twiggy arms meant to be wings broke off, still hanging onto his neck. Lampy gasped and so desperately tried to shake them off that he crashed into the opposite wall. The arms seemed to be trying to strangle him. Where’s our sky…

Looking back, Lampy could see the others still lurching to him, beaks still open in soundless screams. Where’s our sun…

Suddenly, their eyes opened. They were gleaming blood-red. In fact, they were blood. Lampy could see it continuously streaming down their black faces. Their beaks suddenly grew sharp teeth that looked like they could easily shred through him. The wings suddenly grew claw-like, seemingly able to piece holes through him. The arms around his neck were doing just that. He could feel them piercing into his neck, hurting him. Somehow, he shook them off. But they simply scuttled back to the advancing mob, which seemed to be fusing together into a large, black monster. Their various beaks screamed at him. It wasn’t soundless anymore, he could actually hear it, a sound that drove nails through his head. WHERE IS OUR LIGHT!</b>

“I…I’m sorry!” wept the lamp, trying to scuttle back, away from this monstrosity, though he knew there was no room to. “It’s not my fault!”

WHERE IS OUR LIGHT?!</b> the beast screeched again, advancing on many small legs. Lampy had scooted himself into a corner. He could only try to look away as this…thing stomped up to him and breathed and drooled on his face.

It scratched him. More holes were added to his body. It bit his cord off. It continued this relentless attack until Lampy had no idea what was holding him together anymore.

Somehow, he could feel that they were just about ready to bite his head off. He wondered if he would feel any more pain after that. He let his tattered body fall over and let himself be vulnerable. What was he supposed to do? Throw grass at it?

But then he was suddenly being picked up, out of reach of the screaming monster. The cry of WHERE IS OUR LIGHT</b> grew fainter, as if he was being picked up by a giant.

This giant turned out to be the teacher, a young nice lady. Lampy cringed. He wasn’t sure what was coming next, but he knew it was going to be bad.

The woman glared at him disapprovingly behind her glasses. She stared at the tank, which seemed small again, and the raging unborn creature inside. Then she carefully examined all the holes scattered across Lampy and the inside of his head. Then she turned into a monster as well.

Her nails lengthened and her hands grew withered as if she was growing older. Her face distorted, as if it was being sculpted with a pottery wheel. Her chin started to go one way and her teeth fell out and her eyes grew fiery and her skin turned gray and her hair frazzled and moved about with a mind of its own. As she talked, the chin moved further sideways, making her mouth an L-shape.

“NO BULB,” she screamed. The lights above cackled and repeated this. “NO BULB, NO USE! NO BULB, NO USE!” She screeched this over and over again, as the lights repeated this and the unborn chicks constantly chanted WHERE IS OUR LIGHT</b> in the background. Lampy couldn’t struggle out of her strong grasp. He was too tired, too wounded, and he couldn’t move anyways. He could only watch on as the teacher’s face distorted even more, as the whole room seemed to swirl around him, as everything seemed to fly out and glare.

Finally, their voices distorted. As everybody screamed at him NO BULB, NO USE and WHERE IS OUR LIGHT</b>, the voices seemed to circle around him too and grew into something rather familiar-sounding. What did it sound like? Lampy strained his memory.

It sounded like…it sounded like…his friends.

The teacher raised him over her head, and he quickly realized she was going to throw him. With his body in this state, he was sure he was going to fly apart in a million pieces. “No! Stop! Please don’t! I’m sorry!” Lampy shouted, but it made no difference.

There was a loud crash.
Aaaand, here's Lampy's dream. This is the one my sister called me a sick, sick, sick sicko for. And this is probably the most abstract of all, and the most weird.

I like this one the most, probably because Lampy's my favorite character. Plus, this one had to be pretty important and symbolic because of Lampy's heroic sacrifice almost immediately afterward, with the lightning and stuff. Like how in Radio's dream, the order where everybody else gets eaten is kind of important, in Lampy's dream, what the unborn chicks shriek is kind of important. I probably didn't have to say that, actually, it's pretty obvious if you watch the movie.

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BobcatAngel Jan 22, 2013  Student General Artist wow. I think this is the closest thing to a creepypasta I've seen come outta the TBLT fandom. I guess it's an interesting idea about Lampy possibly working in a school setting before being owned by his current master. But just...I think it's safe to say that this is probably too morbid for a kids film. (And yet the demon clown fireman is totally fine...) It's a good thing I didn't read this before going to bed. ;XD
Aw, c'mon. We could remove the blood and junk!
BobcatAngel Jan 23, 2013  Student General Artist
We could, but it would still be beyond traumatizing. (at least in my case since I was a big animal lover as a child. I probably wouldn't sleep for weeks if I saw a monster with blood eyes made of dead unborn chicks. ^^;) I showed this to my sibling and they said it was like something outta Resident Evil. XD Not that I don't like it for it's scare factor, in fact I absolutely LOVE the creativity of this dream sequence. (Though when Lampy was getting the bulb, all i could think of was that Spongebob episode when he and patrick were getting a lightbulb also to save an egg to be hatched. XD) It just kinda hit me hard at how one can be shall I say...morbid.
Because I like traumatizing my favorite characters.
BobcatAngel Jan 24, 2013  Student General Artist
Hehe, I can relate. I created an alternate universe about my TBLT OC, Fannah (Lampy is her love interrest) where Lampy really did die from the lightning shock. She slowly goes from depressed to insane as wintertime comes and she's stored in a dark closet by the Master. X3
mcb0193 Aug 14, 2010  Student Writer
The first time I read this, it was around 11:00 p.m. BIG MISTAKE.
mcb0193 Aug 16, 2010  Student Writer
Well, it's my fault for reading it that late. That time I did, I read it on (found the link on tv tropes).
Rosethethief Jul 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Woah. This was one epic read. Have you ever considered putting this on *Adds to favorites*
It already is. It was on there first, actually.
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